Supported Employment

Supported Employment

United Community Options of South Florida offers Supported Employment programs that are designed to assist adults with disabilities in finding and maintaining fulfilling employment. These programs are tailored to individual needs and capabilities, focusing on developing employability skills and integrating participants into the workforce. Through a combination of training, job matching, and ongoing support, we enable individuals to not just work, but thrive in their chosen careers.

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Vocational Assessment and Job Matching

One of the first steps in our Supported Employment process is conducting a comprehensive vocational assessment. This evaluation helps identify the participant’s strengths, interests, and areas for development. Utilizing this information, we match individuals with jobs that align with their skills and career aspirations. Our job-matching process ensures that participants are placed in environments where they can succeed and their contributions are valued.


    Employability Skills Training

    To prepare participants for the workplace, our program includes focused training on key employability skills. This training covers a range of competencies, from technical skills specific to certain jobs to soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Our goal is to equip individuals with the tools they need not only to perform their jobs effectively but also to navigate the workplace successfully and interact positively with colleagues and supervisors.

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      On-site Job Support

      Once a participant is placed in a job, our support does not end. We provide on-site job support to help individuals adjust to their new roles and work environments. This support can include on-the-job coaching, assistance with task management, and help with interpersonal communication. Our job coaches work closely with employers to ensure that accommodations are made as needed and that the workplace remains inclusive and supportive.


        Career Advancement and Continuous Learning

        Our Supported Employment program also focuses on long-term career advancement. We encourage continuous learning and development, enabling participants to upgrade their skills and take on new responsibilities. By fostering an environment of growth, we help individuals not only maintain their employment but also advance in their careers, achieving their full potential.

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