Behavior Group Homes

Behavior Group Homes

At United Community Options of South Florida, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and supportive housing for individuals with intense behavior issues. Our community-based group homes are designed to help children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live independently while learning skills that decrease problem behaviors. We focus on optimizing each resident’s potential, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives aligned with their personal goals.

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Personalized Behavioral Support

Our team delivers individualized behavioral interventions, recognizing and respecting the unique aspirations and needs of each resident. Trained in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), our staff work diligently to produce socially significant behavior changes by increasing desired behaviors. We are committed to empowering individuals "one person at a time," ensuring that everyone can live a life filled with dignity and purpose.

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    Safe and Nurturing Environments

    Our group homes in Palm Beach County offer holistic residential solutions for those with intense behavior issues. Each home is thoughtfully designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment. Our comprehensive support services assist residents in navigating daily challenges, enhancing their quality of life, and achieving their personal objectives.

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      Skill Development and Behavior Management

      We emphasize lifelong learning and skill development for individuals with disabilities. Our programs offer a range of activities and resources to enhance cognitive abilities, social skills, and vocational training. Our focus on behavior management through ABA ensures that residents receive the support they need to lead productive and meaningful lives.

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        Community Integration and Inclusion

        Community integration and inclusion are at the heart of our residential services. We encourage our residents to actively participate in the local community through engaging social activities and meaningful interactions. United Community Options advocates for equal access and opportunities for individuals with disabilities, fostering a culture of acceptance and support.

          At United Community Options of South Florida, our mission is to provide exceptional housing and behavioral support for individuals with disabilities. We strive to create a community where individuals can live independently, achieve their full potential, and enjoy a high quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our Behavior Group Homes and how we can support you or your loved one.

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