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Transformational Leadership Academy

The Diamond Minds Transformational Leadership Academy is a private school designed to ensure that each child receives a holistic education which nurtures their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual needs. Despite its private status, the school is populated primarily by students who traditionally receive free and reduced lunch. This is possible because of funding programs such as Step Up for Students, the McKay Scholarship and internal scholarships supported by contributions such as fund raising and donations.


To ensure that students receive the highest quality education, the curriculum is student centered, culturally relevant and completely integrated. The students are encouraged to draw connections across content deepening their understanding of educational material. They learn in small, multi-age classrooms, contributing to the development of leadership skills, acceptance of diversity, and independent learning.

Academic achievement is an essential element in the school design. Students develop a strong sense of self through activities which encourage balance through mind, body, and spirit. The school facilitates the development of rigorous analytical thinking through tasks which introduce and enrich the core subjects (math, science, humanities, literacy and language arts) through experiential learning that embraces multiple intelligences and promote a love of life-long learning.


Diamond Minds has an open admission policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, creed, ethnic origin, gender, disability and similar factors.

All applicants are welcome to apply. Contact office administration for the application and information packet. Student applications will be reviewed by administration.