Early Beginnings

Early Beginnings provides a range of services to children ages birth to grade 2 with and without developmental delays at two locations, Civic and North Shore.

We have created a compassionate community designed to promote a love of learning, cultivate self-awareness, and provide opportunities for success and independence. Our children learn in small, multi-age settings, contributing to the development of social skills, self-regulation, creative play, and independent learning. Our team of professionals includes physical, occupational, speech, and music therapists as well as highly trained and experienced teachers and staff. Early Beginnings is one of the few programs that incorporates music therapy as a core component of its philosophy. Our music therapy sessions utilize unique evidence-based interventions to help our children develop necessary skills.

There are a variety of programs offered at Early Beginnings including:

B-2 & Early Intervention

Our B-2 program is a collaborative agreement between Early Steps, UCO and Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Children ages birth to 36 months who have developmental delays or an established condition and receive services through Early Steps may be eligible for this program. Our social worker, teachers, and team of professional therapists work closely with the family to develop an Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) that meets the child’s individual needs. The development of the IFSP is essential to the B-2 program and the success of each student. Each child’s strengths, abilities, areas for growth, therapeutic needs, and developmental abilities are considered when working with families. Our entire team of therapists, teachers, and staff work diligently to ensure that each plan is implemented appropriately, ensuring that our students have an enriching early childhood experience.

We have created a community designed to nurture independence while developing social skills, self-expression, physical and emotional well-being, and academic concepts for each child. Additionally, we understand the benefits of early intervention and its potential to keep children on a path to making the most of their abilities and skills. The High Scope Curriculum is a foundational element of our day care program, encouraging each child to develop to his/her own potential through educational play. As a part of their daily academic schedule, students receive 30 minutes of music therapy in a large group setting to promote communication and social skills and meaningful experiences.

Day Care

Our Day Care serves typically developing children birth to 5 years old. Children will learn through direct experience and active engagement with the environment, peers, and adults. Children are cared for and taught in a supportive climate, one in which adults and children share control of the learning process and the decision making. The High Scope Curriculum is a foundational element of our day care program, encouraging each child to develop to his/her own potential through educational play. While the adults provide materials and experiences that build on children’s interest and promote learning, children initiate many of their own learning experiences. We promote the development of the whole child with an understanding that play is an integral part of the learning process, we have developed classroom routines that encourage meaningful exploration, center-based activities, free-choice, and core academic skills. Additionally, our daycare students enjoy the benefits of Music Therapy integrated into their daily schedules.

Our Day Care program operates from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Children receiving Early Learning Coalition (ELC) funding are welcome.


We provide out-of-school programs for children with disabilities from ages K- 2nd grade. Our afterschool program is designed to ensure that students with disabilities have multiple opportunities to develop the skills necessary to be successful in academic settings. The after school program is generously funded by The Children’s Trust. Our students receive social skills development support, guided athletic activities, literacy skills development, music and art programming, and instruction in life skills.

Our program has certified teachers and staff members who specialize in working with students with disabilities. We maintain a smaller teacher-to-student to ensure that our students receive the maximum support.

Summer Programs

During the summer our program is open to Birth – 2nd grade students. Children participate in a variety of academic, music, art, sport activities, and field trips. Our summer program is designed to ensure that our students do not suffer from summer learning loss, in a warm, welcoming, and engaging environment. Students that attend during the summer will be required to attend the program for a minimum of 1 1/2 hours per day, 4 days a week. If students are unable to meet this requirement they will not be eligible for participation in the program. Parents are required to complete a contract upon entering the program indicating compliance with attendance requirements and student expectations. The summer program is generously funded by The Children’s Trust.

If you are interested in any of the programs, we strongly encourage and invite parents and other family members to visit the program at any time.


Early Beginnings has a variety of services offered in addition to its programs

Music Therapy

Music therapy group sessions are provided in each class 2-3 times a week. Our board certified music therapist creates evidence-based interventions specifically designed to provide our students with an appropriate music-centered learning experience. Music is a fun and engaging way to facilitate learning while promoting the development of social skills, academic concepts, communication, motor skills, emotional awareness, and self-expression. Music therapy sessions also provide opportunities for sensory integration and exploration, utilizing a variety of instruments, visual aids, and multisensory materials. Our music therapy program is built on the belief that all children are musical and deserve an opportunity to express their own musicality in a way that is enriching and meaningful.

In addition to providing weekly group music therapy sessions, Early Beginnings also offers a Little Hands music and art family class once a month to provide families with a chance to play, sing, and create together. Please check the events calendar page for the dates.

Speech Therapy

The speech therapist works with our children and the interdisciplinary team members to provide individualized instruction for improving communication skills. Many children require support to develop integrated oral motor skills and require specialized nutritional management services, including mealtime feeding techniques, adapted mealtime equipment, and appropriate diet textures.

The speech therapist develops a plan to support oral motor challenges and communication needs, work collaboratively with the staff to support our children’s ability to communicate independently, and supports during program for a fully integrative approach. Therapists work closely to determine the best tools to ensure that students are able develop their receptive and expressive vocabularies and maximize their communicative potential.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants use meaningful activities (occupations) to help children maximize and exceed their potential. Through skillful assessment, observation, and consultation, the Occupational Therapy professionals devise a program of therapeutic and customized activities to promote each child’s physical, social, emotional, and mental health.

In an educational setting Occupational Therapy practitioners focus on academic, play and leisure, social participation, self-care, transition/work, and sensory tolerance and integration. Adaptive equipment and learning modifications are customized when determined necessary. The Occupational Therapists work closely with the teaching team, Physical Therapy staff, and Speech and Language Pathologists to assure the most cohesive and unified educational programing possible.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are offered to promote maximum well-being of our children and ensure they can fully participate in instructional activities, play, field experiences, and social. The individual develops an individualized positioning schedule and gross motor program with the physical therapist.

Specially trained personnel and instructors provide gross motor programs and range of motion exercises to loosen contracted extremities, increase muscle strength, and improve vestibular capabilities as well as prevent progression of deformities.

For more information please contact:

Makeesha Coleman, M.A.
Early Beginnings Principal

1411 NW 14 Avenue, Miami, FL 33125
Office: 786-785-4706
Cell: 786-626-9977