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Diamond Minds Transformational Leadership Academy


Diamond Minds is a year-round, private Pre-K through 12 school designed to ensure that each child receives a holistic education which nurtures their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual needs. We educate students from a range of communities around the greater Miami area including, Miramar, Little Haiti, Liberty City, Miami Gardens and Aventura. Despite its private status, the school is populated primarily by students who traditionally receive free and reduced lunch. This is possible because of scholarship programs such as Step Up for Students and McKay.

We have created a culturally responsive and compassionate community designed to inspire creative thinking, promote a love of learning, advance self-awareness, and impart the knowledge and intuition necessary to prepare children for success as global citizens. To ensure that students receive the highest quality education, the curriculum is student-centered, culturally relevant and completely integrated. The students are encouraged to draw connections across content deepening their understanding of educational material. They learn in small, multi-age classrooms, contributing to the development of leadership skills, acceptance of diversity, and independent learning.

Academic achievement coupled with exploration in the arts is an essential element in the school design. Students develop a strong sense of self through activities which encourage balance through mind, body, and spirit. The school facilitates the development of rigorous analytical thinking through tasks which introduce and enrich the core subjects (math, science, humanities, literacy and language arts) and cultivate creativity and expression through dance, music, and visual arts.

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Diamond Minds was established in 2003 to provide academic support to students whose parents worked during after-school hours and could not afford tutoring. We began serving 60 students at Norland Middle School as an after-school and summer camp program. The program targeted students with academic difficulties in an effort to improve standardized test scores, prevent summer learning loss, and provide a caring space fostering students’ social, physical, and academic growth.

In 2008, we opened Diamond Minds Transformational Leadership Academy, a private school geared towards enhancing the student and families academic experience.

We believe:

  • Students should be placed at the center of the educational process and be connected to the community in a two-way learning relationship.
  • Students come to school with a rich body of knowledge that may not necessarily match conventional schooling, but can be utilized as a foundation on which to build.
  • Families are an important factor in academic success as they provide insight into the child and support the educational process in the home.
  • Students should be assessed using authentic measures, which aid in the identification and development of strategies to advance the child.
  • Curriculum should be relevant, rigorous, and realistic in order to maximize a student’s underlying potential.




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