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ICF Residential Homes

At Miami Cerebral Palsy our residential services are the foundation of our program, with the highest quality personal care being our primary goal. In addition to our medical and therapeutic personnel, we have well-trained, nationally registered Direct Support Professionals. The staff provides much love and attention, as well as daily bathing, oral hygiene, grooming and meal time assistance. A Registered Dietician helps determine proper nutrition and offers a variety on the menu, to include food choices for the people we support. In order to keep our homes clean and in good repair, full-time maintenance and housekeeping staff are present and assigned to each location. The residential program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach for the care of each person supported. Our employees are represented from the following disciplines:

pink house

MCP provides Medical care that includes a

  • Medical Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Health Care Coordinator
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registered Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapist onsite and on-call 24 hours per day

Therapeutic services which include

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psychological and Behavior Analyst Services
  • Pet Therapy
  • Horse Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Transportation Services

MCP Transport

Parents, guardians and each person supported are also a critical and very important part of the interdisciplinary team. Parents and guardians of children & adults living in our homes are encouraged to visit and be involved in the care and skill acquisition training of their loved one. Parents and guardians are provided support and assistance when taking their loved one on home visits to include overnight visitor stays within Medicaid guidelines.

The homes operated by Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc. are situated just minutes from downtown Miami and are a short commute from Fort Lauderdale and Monroe County. The homes are located in quiet, residential neighborhoods, close to parks, beaches and schools. They are within one mile away access to all major Dade County thoroughs. In addition, Miami International Airport is within a twenty minute drive from most of our homes.

The homes operated by Miami Cerebral Palsy are located in 4 locations; each location has a cluster of 3 homes, with eight (8) beds per home and 2 people per bedroom. The homes are both warm and personal. Therapy and training are carried out in open living areas with separate bedrooms and state of the art bathrooms. Each residential facility has a home with an adaptive kitchen enabling training pertaining to cooking and post meal activities for the people supported. The outside environment provides a patio area with appropriate amenities to complete this family setting. The addresses of our 4 locations are:

80th St. – 11750 S.W. 80th Street, Miami, FL 33183

Braddock – 14400 S.W. 32nd Street, Miami, FL 33175

N.W. 2nd St -11801 N.W. 2nd Street, Miami, FL 33182

Sunset – 7100 S.W. 122nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33183

The address of our Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc. Lifelong Learning Program and Administrative office is: 2200 N.W. 107th Avenue, Miami, FL 33172