Get your Company Involved

Businesses and corporations in South Florida provide a vital support structure for United Community Options (UCO) with the benefits going both ways. Your association with UCO demonstrates that your company is a socially aware and responsible corporate citizen. It also enhances employee morale and enthusiasm and offers opportunities for increased public relations and lead generation campaigns.

Why partner with UCO of South Florida?

  • UCO is a leading advocate for all people with disabilities.
  • UCO provides services to over 1,800 infants, children and adults in South Florida daily.
  • All funds received by UCO remain in the South Florida community.
  • UCO and its business partners are productive contributors to society.
  • 50% of all adults have a spouse, child, parent or close friend with a disability.
  • 33% of all households have a member with a disability.
  • Companies that market to people with disabilities reach 4 out of 10 customers.

There are many ways for your company to partner with UCO including:

  • A contribution from your company or corporate foundation to support critical services for children and adults in South Florida.
  • Sponsorship of a UCO special event.
  • Holding a “UCO Day” at your company, where your employees make a donation to UCO in exchange for a special perk (casual dress for a day, a lunch you provide, etc).
  • “Adopting” a UCO group home, and helping our special children and adults fully experience the rewards of community life. You and your employees can participate in activities that will directly enhance the quality of life for people in our community.

There are many more ways your company can become involved as a UCO Corporate Partner. For more information, please contact the UCO Development office in your area at:

Miami-Dade County: 305-325-9018
Broward, Palm Beach & Mid-Coast Counties, Inc.: 954-315-4057