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Early Beginnings Academy

Early Beginnings Academy

The Marie Wasie Early Beginnings Academy provides early intervention, early childhood education (3 to 5 years old) and elementary school (Kindergarten-Third grade) through the McKay Scholarship program. The school offers an individualized, developmentally appropriate program that helps each child reach his/her maximum potential by building on each individual strengths and skills.

Children learn and play with typically developing peers in an environment that is rich in language and literacy with the adaptations and accommodations that each child needs to succeed. Our team is composed of highly qualified and experienced administrators, teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals, who are committed to provide quality educational and therapeutic services (physical, occupational, and speech/language therapy) to our children. Our objective is to create a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment where children feel secure and are challenged to grow. The program focuses on activities designed to develop cognitive, language/communication, motor, self-care and social-emotional skills while encouraging independence and a positive self-esteem. We value the importance of Parental involvement. Parents play a critical role in helping their children be ready for school and for a lifetime of academic success, our program is valuable partner with families in this endeavor. United Community Options has a large fleet of vans for transporting individuals and is available for all program participants in Broward County.

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